Custom Designed Furniture

Weylandts has curated a bespoke range of furniture to complement the relaxing but compact spaces of The Rose on 117. 

In contrast to the buzz of the city, and the ornate facade of the building, the interior design concept introduces a neutral, light space with a feminine touch, creating a cocoon of serenity to chill in after a day’s busy sightseeing. 

This palette will be carried through the whole apartment so that the entire interior reads as one, maximising the feeling of spaciousness, which is enhanced by compact, space-saving details throughout. 

The furniture itself has a neutral palette generally, with the emphasis on form and shape but – inspired by the vibrant hues of the Bokaap – we are adding a fun pop of colour to the space. The minimal style works perfectly within the overall interior design aesthetic, increasing the feeling of relaxation and well-being.

2 BedroomStudio


Inspired by the flowing, simple nature of Japanese minimalism, the versatility of the Haiku bed is unparalleled and can complement a variety of different looks. It features a low, solid oak frame along with slim proportions and clean lines — making it ideal as a stand-alone piece or combined with a headboard for a more textured look. The custom-designed haiku bed in The Rose comes with built-in storage in the base.


With a pop of colour, this custom headboard is a great addition to any bedroom. The unique shape adds a fun element to the interiors of The Rose.


Clean lines and contemporary design meet comfort in our Eclipse Sofa. Featuring a one-seat cushion, soft back cushions, and a sleek arm rest design, this sofa is ideal for lounging in style.


This contemporary classic combo of steel and oak veneer is a must-have for any lounge. A minimalist powder-coated steel frame is complemented by natural or ebony-stained white American oak veneer.


Inspired by the pop of colour throughout the interior this custom stool is not only stylish but comfortable. The unique shape of this stool ties in with the headboard, adding a fun element to the space.

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