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Perch Short Stays

Perch is Signatura’s dedicated short-stay management company set up with the single-minded aim of making it simple for investors to tap into the higher returns generated by the short-term rental market. 

Established in 2021, the company currently handles a portfolio of apartments in WEX1, The Quarter, The Signature and Deer Park Place, with The Flamingo and The Rose on 117 soon to be added to this growing list. 

To assist buyers in tapping into this market, Perch offers a seamless turnkey service that includes online advertising on all the major booking platforms, a concierge service, cleaning, maintenance, laundry and stocking of consumables.

This one-stop offering will take care of every aspect of successfully running a high-income, short-term rental hospitality asset, with none of the time-consuming hassles associated with this form of letting. Leveraging significant efficiencies of scale, Perch has a totally transparent fee structure and an all-inclusive pricing model that is significantly lower than anything else in the market today.

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