An investment in Seahorse clearly offers an exceptional opportunity to access the lucrative returns of Knysna’s booming and sustainable tourism industry. The apartments themselves have been specifically designed and kitted out to appeal to Airbnb travellers, including features like keyless digital entry, robust WiFi and attractive common areas.

To assist buyers in tapping into this market, Signatura’s dedicated short-stay management company, Perch, will provide a seamless turnkey service that includes online advertising on all the major booking platforms, revenue management to ensure you as owner get the most you can out of your investment, cleaning, maintenance, laundry and stocking of consumables.

This one-stop offering will take care of every aspect of successfully running a high-income, short-term
rental hospitality asset, with none of the time consuming hassles associated with this form of letting. Leveraging significant efficiencies of scale, the cost of this service by Perch will be significantly lower than anything else available.

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