The Knysna Lagoon is considered to be the most important estuary in South Africa in terms of conservation importance. Roughly 42% of South Africa’s estuarine biodiversity is found within this system, including the endangered Knysna seahorse (Hippocampus capensis).

The Knysna Basin Project is an NGO focused on coastal system research – particularly how these systems change over time, what actions can be taken to effectively manage and conserve these systems, and how communities can and should live within them. Coastal social-ecological systems are challenged by the escalating consequences of population growth, urbanisation and climate change. Addressing these challenges requires informed management and behavioural change. Because they fuel each other, both are required if we are to sustain the flows of benefits we derive from these systems

As a new member of the Knysna community, Signatura has chosen the Knysna Basin Project as a local initiative to support, please use the SnapScan QR code below to make a donation. We recognise the lagoon and estuary as the most significant in South Africa and worthy of protection.