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For my first post, this is a reasonably uncontroversial topic- almost everyone can agree that they don’t like property developers, but why?

We build your homes, offices and shopping centers. We promote design and sometimes (although, not nearly enough) allow architects to inspire and impress and yet we are vilified as the modern day villain one below Lucifer, but very much above Cruella- and she wanted to murder puppies.

The unfortunate truth is although we love our memes and swiping incessantly to refresh our feed and everything that the digital world has to offer, in the real world, we are much more conservative.

We like the neighborhood the way it is, to know where everything is and we don’t want to disturb that. What property developers do more than take away views and make noise is make change. Not only do we drive change, but we do it in the public arena and you cannot simply turn off your phone or delete the app to make it go away.

So embrace it, influence it, but be a part of it.

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