As our vision of property development has always been more of a means to an end –that of enhancing the personal and financial wellbeing of our customers – rather than an end in itself,  we are constantly looking for ways to introduce property-related services and technologies to make our buyers’ lives easier, safer and more rewarding.

In two specific areas, this has led us to set up independent subsidiary companies to offer additional property-related services in the most efficient way.

Bunny Digital

Recognizing the critical importance of digital connectivity in today’s world, we have established our own IT company called Bunny Digital, a company dedicated to meeting the connectivity needs of our customers in the most efficient and affordable way. 

Bunny Digital’s operations include, but are not limited to, installing fibre optic networks and integrated WiFi units in all our new developments and providing affordable, hi-speed bandwidth packages to residents of all new Signatura homes. Bunny Digital also offers colour software and hardware management for commercial clients.

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Perch Short Stays

To assist our investors access the increased financial return offered by short-term letting in high tourist-demand areas, we have set up a partner company,  Perch Short Stays.

Perch offers a comprehensive suite of online advertising, letting, management and maintenance services to ensure that its customers receive maximum returns with minimum effort. 

Employing economies of scale and transparent pricing practices, we have been able to significantly decrease the cost of these services in both Signatura and other developments.

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