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When it comes to apartment living, going small is a double-edge sword. While you might have less space to work with, you also have less decorating to do. But just because you’re working with a smaller canvas, doesn’t mean less consideration should be given to styling. If you’re new to the game, or simply need some new inspiration, here are some expert tips to bring your smaller sized apartment to life.

Tip One: Tell a story — your own story. Think about how you want to feel in the space and the kind of lifestyle you’ll be living. Then tell the tale by picking elements which harmoniously works toward the same bigger picture, like the episodes of your favourite series adds up to create an overall impression. In a smaller space, this is more important than ever: use a consistent language to avoid creating a vibe that’s all over the show.

Tip Two: Multifunctionality is the name of the game. In small spaces, certain areas serve different functions throughout the day. Versatile elements like ottomans, occasional chairs and benches are compact spaces’ best friends as they can be moved around and repurposed to suit the occasion and your mood.

Tip Three: Go big on carpets. One of the golden rules of interior decorating is often overlooked. Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean your rugs should be small. Always go for the bigger size, and don’t be scared to let the edges of carpets overflow or link different areas. This creates warmth and continuity.

Tip Four: Good lighting does wonders. Just like the right lighting turns a bad selfie into sharable content, some smart lighting decisions can elevate your space from a spartan-looking bachelor pad to a desirable style destination. Standing and desk lamps add visual intrigue while soft pockets of light achieved through dimmers or good-looking hanging lights demarcates different areas to create a multi-layered ambience.

Tip Five: Have fun. It’s not about creating perfection, but about enjoying the journey and watching it come together one piece a time. Enjoy it!

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